When I am not designing or building labyrinths (Labyrinth Architects) I have a holistic wellness practice and utilize nutrition with my training in Imaginal psychology, clinical hypnosis, the expressive arts, and the labyrinth as a metaphor for our path through life. My training as a nutritional consultant has given me the resources to educate others in how to use real food for nurturing and to achieve well-being in mind, spirit and body.

I am also a poet and an artist and bring these aspects of creativity and the joy of expression to my personal work and my work with others.


I believe in the relationship of our mind, spirit and body to carry us through life. When I began to turn my attention to eating for health I was introduced to a new way of living. I discovered a path for changing life-long patterns of unhealthy eating and reversing problematic health issues. I am now enjoying a balance to my life and feel support for when I am challenged.

Imaginal Psychology:

I used the Santa Rosa Labyrinth© (an internationally recognized original labyrinth design that I created in 1997) in my doctoral research at the Institute of Imaginal Studies (renamed Meridian University) to explore and demonstrate the psychological significance of the labyrinth. My research focused specifically on the relevance of the life-long process of individuation with particular attention to the transitional period of adolescence using the labyrinth as a container for these explorations.


In the early nineteen-nineties I stepped into my first labyrinth and the course of my life was forever changed. My curiosity of these beautiful archetypal mandalas led me to create a number of contemporary labyrinth designs, including the Santa Rosa Labyrinth©, the SNOOPY™ Labyrinth for the Charles M. Schulz Museum, the Ladybug Labyrinth for children (and adults) as well as many traditional and contemporary personal designs. I have facilitated labyrinth installations for public and religious organizations, corporations, and individuals throughout the United States and Internationally. In 2008, my Santa Rosa Labyrinth design was installed on the first green roof top garden by the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC. I have given classes and experiential labyrinth talks at Universities, Junior Colleges, High Schools, and to numerous organizations. I was the keynote speaker at the 4th annual New England Labyrinth Guild Festival in 2005, the Northwest Labyrinth Gathering in 2007, and one of the three featured speakers at the 2009 International Labyrinth Society Gathering.

Labyrinth Design & the Santa Rosa Labyrinth: CLICK HERE




I am a sixth generation Californian with family roots in grape growing and wine making in the Alexander and San Joaquin Valleys of California. My love of food, the arts and history come from both sides of my family lineage and have provided me with fertile soil to grow and flourish in. I have many experiences to share... through my blog, my art, and how my being of service to others fills my soul.

Be this radiant
light, lifting your soul skyward...
dancing on this earth...