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In Search of All Things Glitter

Off to Berkeley and Oakland today in search of all that glitters with my dear friend, neighbor, and artist, Ulla Milbrath! We are both taking Marilyn Radzat's class and are eagerly searching for sparkling inspiration.

Ulla's weblog is another must visit! There you will come upon enchanting images and stories to spark your imagination, wonder, and creativity! It is one of the ways I start my day, with a visit to see what Ulla has discovered or what she is creating...

Ulla Milbrath, also known as ULLABENULLA

Our first stop was Z Gallery in Berkeley. There were still some left over Christmas decorations that will work perfectly as embellishments for some of our upcoming projects.



Our favorite discovery though, was was this beautiful glowing orb-lamp...


...made out of shells. Isn't this incredible!


Our next stop was at "Castles in the Air" where Ulla teaches some of her beautiful classes. The store was amazing. They even had a throne where you could have your picture taken as a mermaid!!!

Here is the owner's beautiful daughter, who could not stop for the camera as she was so in to her movement and play with a giant paper-mache Easter egg...


On to a stained-glass shop, an exquisite french clothing store, and then to Anthropologie... A store and gallery that is full of unusual home accessories and clothing... I wish I could have taken a picture of their giant hanging moss islands in their entryway... someday, I may try to recreate such an other world creature... next stop, sustenance... at "O Charne," first with mushroom pancakes and Udon soup and then stocking up at "Betty's To Go" on cupcakes, yes with dot sprinkles, and "Arnold Palmer" ice teas, we head for "Tails of the Yak," where we found some beautiful vintage sequins and sparkly buttons. Another store-gallery where it feels as if you are stepping into an art piece... Finally we make our way to the true icing of the day, the Mosaic Studio Supply in Oakland... Oh my! I feel as if I have stumbled into a candy shop...


Here is Ulla, inviting you to enter...


and me, opening the door...


to glass wonder and supplies! Like "nippers" and cutting tools, and cutting oil...


and glass pieces...


and our favorite glass of all, is this "tempered glass!" Tempered glass makes up our car windows. Wait until you see what we create with these sparkles!!!


I love it! It reminds me of diamonds and glaciers and magic!


With Ulla's trunk filled... we head back to Santa Rosa. It is true that "not all that glitters is gold." For what we shared and explored was better than gold! It was a day well spent in good company on a creative sojourn to fill the heart and our creative spirit...