Blog Tales

Bloglandia Ball!!! ~ September Full Moon

this Full September moon,
is the Bloglandia Ball...
hosted by beloved
eb, Elizabeth Bunsen, of Be...Dream...Play...

Even if you have no dress,
or pants,
to swirl in paper, ribbon, glitter, or lace,
in word, or story...
use your imagination
and come dance and feast with us
at the Cyberspace Palace!!!!

I might wear for a little while...


some blue, green, and pink...


or for part of the evening,
my mermaid dress,
that you've seen before,
with little mermaids
swimming and sunning in gown and on crown...


or maybe this light frock,
all iridescent air and fire and ice...


or my favorite of all,
my true Bloglandia Ball Gown...


This is the one that I'll remember years from now...


for it was created when eb first announced with glee
her idea coming to fruition,
of a Bloglandia Ball,
where our creativity can be shared and danced
and celebrated...


This dress
comes from the divas in our yard...


and wears the memory
of Summer turning into Fall...


and the joy that comes when we dance
with our muses and each other...

Please visit eb, at Be...Dream...Play... for links in post and comments to more wonder~filled delights to be found this Full Moon at the Bloglandia Ball!!!