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Thinking of Maggie...

Margaret Cranford Kirkpatrick Wetzel

April 30, 1925 ~Hampton, Virginia
May 22, 2008 ~ Alexander Valley, California

From Maggie's journal, April 7, 1986...

"When I see people there they will say 'Where have you been, what have you been doing?' And I will say that I have been at my beautiful vineyard planting my garden during holy week, hiking through the high lupine-filled meadows and flying kites with my grandchildren."


No words can convey how this beautiful woman graced almost my entire life... She and her family have given so much to the world through their love of life and beauty. Being at her memorial service, in her garden, was like being in a painting that Maggie orchestrated with her own hand... The beauty she inspired in me is a foundational pillar of my life...

Photo: watercolor of her Alexander Valley home, while thinking of Maggie... Click HERE to read more about the Wetzel Family, their renovation of the historic Cyrus Alexander home and property, and their Alexander Valley Vineyards Winery.