Consultations With Lea

Heart Walks

Do you know your heart's desire? Through labyrinth heart walks I guide you on a journey of self discovery, by yourself or in the company of others.

I help my walkers ,or finger-labyrinth walkers,

These walks can take place in my beautiful Santa Rosa Labyrinth at my home studio. I also have labyrinths that travel and can come to you at your home or in your work place. I also utilize finger labyrinths if mobility or space is an issue. 

Holistic Wellness Practice

Stress Reduction & Support

Eating for Your Health

Creative Inspiration

Labyrinth Design
Click HERE for Labyrinth Architects™

Please contact me to schedule a free preliminary consultation to explore how I might be of assistance to you. Appointments can be made in person or via phone or Skype.

"Our lives are like islands in the sea,
or like trees in the forest.
The maple and the pine may whisper
to each other with their leaves ...
But the trees also commingle their roots
in the darkness underground,
and the islands also hang together
through the ocean's bottom. "

-William James, psychologist and philosopher

Food is medicine.
Delicious. Enjoyable.
Open to your life!